Considerations for Hiring a Virtual Xero Bookkeeping Consultant

Considerations for Hiring a Virtual Xero Bookkeeping Consultant

25 October 2017
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Hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant may be something you have considered for awhile. The issue is finding someone that has the credentials you need to handle all of your accounting needs. One way to ensure you are doing this is to hire someone who is listed as a Xero software bookkeeping consultant. Here are a few of the considerations about this to take into account.

Business Category

The first thing to consider when you are looking at virtual Xero software bookkeeping consultants is the business category of their experience. You want to make sure that the experience they claim to have on their resume or freelancing ad meets not only the needs of your business, but also match what Xero bookkeeping offers.

For example, Xero is primarily used in the hospitality industry, non-profits, and small business. Though it can be used for other businesses, these are the primary ones it serves. If the bookkeeper states they have Xero certification, but the experience is in medical, they may not be the ideal option.

Variety of Accounting Area Experience

Though the type of accounting and bookkeeping experience is important for any business hiring a virtual assistant, it becomes even more so for a small business like yours. You need someone who is not only listed alongside Xero bookkeeping consultants, but you also need someone who can handle all aspects of your accounting needs. This helps reduce your employee hiring costs.

Write down the tasks that you are most concerned with. These may be payroll, basic bookkeeping, invoicing, inventory and bill payment. Use these to determine if the virtual consultant's experience is what you need to hire just them for the project, as opposed to several other people who may have experience on the software, but not in specific areas.

Proof of Credentials

Credentials are important regardless of the field, but when money is concerned, like with bookkeeping, they become increasingly important. You don't want someone saying they have experience and messing with your bookkeeping and software if they don't really have the experience. You could lose money, put accounts in jeopardy, or find yourself with large financial issues without the person having the right credentials. Check references and credentials before choosing your final hire.

These are just a few of the considerations you should keep in mind when looking at a virtual Xero bookkeeping consultant. Make sure to give a practical test on top of the questions and considerations you have in mind. This will show you that they are not only trained, but able to apply that training to the tasks you will have.